Collaborative Partners
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Skyline Outreach Nonprofit Housing Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) ​tax exempt organization located in the city of Detroit, providing transitional housing. As a supportive housing collaborative partner of Progress Transitional Housing there is a sharing of mission, as well as, housing,  supportive services and development projects. This partners web site is under construction.  You may contact them at Stephen Boles, Director at 18701 West Grand River Avenue, Suite 245, Detroit, MI 48223 or call 313 515-6072.  Their web site is under construction.

Matrix Human Services has served the community of Detroit for over 106 years with the mission of breaking the generational cycle of poverty gripping the city of Detroit. Progress Transitional Housing is collaborating with Matrix Partnerships for Housing, adult program.  Matrix is located at 120 Parsons Street, Detroit, MI 48201​​​​​​​​​​​​, please contact them at, ​(313) 831-1000 x 1223 ​(313) 831-4634 (Fax).  

Additional collaborations are being established.  If you have a shared mission as that of Progress Transitional Nonprofit Housing Corporation please give Juan Clark a call at 313 350-2863 and he will promptly return your call.

Skyline Outreach Nonprofit Housing Corporation
Progress Transitional Nonprofit Housing Corporation

Woman in Progress is a new program developed in a collaborative partnership with Matrix Human Services of Detroit. This program will provide transitional housing and supportive services to single women and women with children who are homeless recovering from substances abuse or domestic violence and in need of assistance with their transition back to the community on their re-entry.

Individuals in this program will receive the following supportive services; a safe, clean, structured, supportive, recovery-environment with rooms and meals, goal planning, monitoring of your financial, educational, and social goals case management and coordination / referrals, advocacy in the attainment  of permanent housing. 

If you are in need of this service or would like more information on this program please contact Juan Clark, Executive Director, at 313 350-2863.