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Support us through local businesses

Support us through your scrip: eScrip: We are in the process of processing an application to be able to receive donations through this program (please look back for an update on this as a giving option for Progress Transitional Housing).  

Over 700 stores including grocery stores, restaurants and service stores participate
through the eScrip program. This program can be found at Once our application is approved You will be able to search for the organization by name (Progress Transitional House) or by our assigned NPO# they will assign us .
Support us through your internet searches:

GoodSearch is a internet search engine (like Google) which is powered by Yahoo. It is uniquely set up so that if it is used to search the internet, each search will generate one penny to be donated to the charity selected. If every person affiliated with Progress Transitional House used GoodSearch only 10% of the time, in a year's time roughly $10,000 would be donated to Progress Transitional House.

The set-up is very easy. By clicking on the banner to the left, you automatically set Progress Transitional House as your charity of choice whenever you choose to use GoodSearch. Clicking on the banner does not make GoodSearch your default search engine. If you would like to make GoodSearch your default search engine - follow the links from the banner on the left.

GoodSearch is also set up in another way in how it contributes to Progress Transitional House - through its program called GoodShop. GoodShop is a landing page which links to participating online stores through which between 1% and 3% (on average) of whatever your purchase total is will be donated back to Progress Transitional House. GoodShop links to hundreds of online stores including:, Barnes&Noble, Best Buy,, Circuit City, eBay (with donations
between 25% and 37%), Macy's, L.L. Bean, Office Depot, PetSmart, Sears, Staples,
Target, Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart; as well as travel-booking sites such as:,, and

People in need always need all the help you can give. By starting with GoodShop and then selecting, for example, - the rest of your entire transaction is remembered as being referred from GoodShop and Progress Transitional House as being your selected non-profit. If ten percent of those affiliated with Progress Transitional made 10% of their online purchases through GoodShop, the estimated contribution to Progress Transitional House would be upwards to $15,000. Please consider GoodShop when making your
online purchases.

Please spread the word! What a simple way to support Progress Transitional House! If your business, school or organization set GoodSearch as your default search engine and if you, as an individual or business/organization, purchased the same things through the same websites by starting at the GoodShop page - imagine what the yearly contribution from GoodSearch to Progress Transitional House would be!

Thank You! Put up a flyer and spread the news!
(Flyer comming soom)
Support us through your internet searches:

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