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Our service goal is to deliver effective supportive services that empower the homeless to make a plan for rapid rehousing and retain the housing, the parole and probationers to successfully reenter the community, and the addicted recovery.  

Progress Transitional Housing

Progress Transitional Housing program has a network of supportive housing providers that we collaborate with to fulfill our clients housing and supportive services needs.

During a resident's stay at Progress Transitional Housing, our staff works dilegently to insure that our residents have the best opportunity for empowered Independent Living  and self sufficiency. Through our extensive six to twenty-four month program, we aim to progress individuals from homelessness to self-sufficiency to permanent affordable housing. 

Upon arrival, each resident is given a fully furnished room with all the basic amenities such as toiletries, towels, bedding, etc. Along with meeting these basic needs, Progress Transitional Housing provides a rent program which includes on-on-one case management and counseling services, counseling, men's and women's groups, finance, and relationship classes, job training and placement programs, a fully stocked pantry along with fully stocked fridges and freezers, retaining housing, other life skills classes and programs to ensure all our residents have the best environment and resources to be able to break the cycle of homelessness.

We are a program that stresses the importance of dignity, value, selfworth, financial security, and financial management through budgeting and savings. Progress Transitional Housing is also a goal-oriented program with individualized case plans unique to each individuals needs. It is a true blessing to see the transformation in the lives of men and women from the time they enter the program and we invite any and all who are interested in getting to know more about Progress Transitional Housing to contact us an speak to one of our incredible staff members

Thank you for showing interest in Progress Transitional Housing and we hope to hear from you soon!  Click here to fill out an application.

Progress Urban Skyline Supportive Housing (PUSSH)

To further the goal of rapid rehousing Progress Transitional Nonprofit Housing Corporation and Skyline Ministry Nonprofit Housing Corporation will be partnering to rehabilitate abandoned, forclosed property to rehouse the homeless and build new affordable housing. 

Family Life Center Project

This project will consist of six permanate housing units a transitional housing unit and an assisted living and senior housing unit, a housing unit for youth transitioning from foster care and a family life center. More information coming soon.

Adult Mentoring

Community Reenty Program
  • Adult Mentoring 
  • Transitional Services
  • Housing Homeless Ex-Offenders
  • Character Education 
  • Social Responsibility Training (SRT) 
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®)

Substance Abuse Counseling and Prevention

Support groups take place on a weekly bases at the housing facilities or at city, or county governmental agency, or other community based nonprofit agencies.

Progress Transitional Nonprofit Housing Corporation
Woman in Progress is a new program developed in a collaborative partnership with Matrix Human Services of Detroit. This program will provide transitional housing and supportive services to single women and women with children who are homeless recovering from substances abuse or domestic violence and in need of assistance with their transition back to the community on their re-entry.

Individuals in this program will receive the following supportive services; a safe, clean, structured, supportive recovery-environment with rooms and meals, goal planning, monitoring of their financials, educational, and social goals case management and coordination / referrals, advocacy in the attainment  of permanent housing. 

If you are in need of this service or would like more information on this program please contact Juan Clark, Executive Director, at 313 350-2863.