Progress Transitional Nonprofit Housing Corporation

Sponsoring A Bed

The annual rate for one individual to reside in transitional housing is $6,000 dollars.  Many individuals who are in need of tranitional housing do not have a source of income.  

If you are not able to sponsor an entire years stay; when you sponsor bedroom needs, 
we are able to give each new resident who moves into that room some if not all of the following:

  • new bedding for every bed (including matching linens, new pillows and comforters)
  • new towel sets for each member of the family
  • alarm clocks
  • lamps
  • other needed items

As well, your sponsorship includes annual carpet cleaning, touch-up painting and other
minor repairs.

When families transition out of the room, they are given the opportunity to take the
bedding and towels with them.

Prior to sponsorship, rooms are prepared with donated linens, towels and other needed

Upon sponsorship, a plaque is placed beside the door to the room with your name and
your anniversary sponsorship date.

All rooms are sponsored on an annual renewable basis.

Contact Information
For more information about sponsoring a room, you can contact us at (313) 350-2863.
Email us for assistance at: